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I’m a Yale grad with a  99th percentile SAT score who loves helping NYC students crack the SAT and ACT, ace the next French project, and get into a great college for them: Yale and NYU to name some recent admits for happy customers. I adapt my approach to each individual student based on their interests, strengths and personality. What can I help you with?

Test Prep

I’ve helped hundreds of NYC high school students crack the SAT, ACT, AP exams and enjoy 30-50% score jumps, even higher. I’ve supported students, 1-on-1, from schools such as Dalton, Brearley, and Calhoun and as a classroom SAT “guru” in four of five boroughs. Taking the NEW SAT? I’ve got you covered.

College Admissions

These words alone can overwhelm some people. Let me help you take the stress and mystery out of college applications. I’ve taken many students through the entire admissions process from fielding your first list to fielding acceptances (NYU, Boston College, Yale and Vanderbilt are some recent examples). I’ve worked with some of the best admissions consulting companies as an essay and application editor and know how to help B+ students create A+ applications.


From fluency in conversation, to passing the French SAT II, I draw on my bilingual status and background as a graduate of the Sorbonne to help you achieve your goals in la langue de l’amour. Students have gone on to integrate into bilingual schools and even major in French in university.

Here’s What Students and Parents are Saying…

I can’t believe it! I’m BEAMING. Thank you!!!!

Lindsay, near perfect SAT score, admitted to Yale, first-choice school

I cannot thank Justin enough for sharing his amazing skills with us. He made the whole process so much richer and more meaningful than it would have been. I know that the time my son Peter spent working with him helped him examine his high school experience in such a positive way. I cannot thank him enough and feel so grateful for having made his acquaintance. Shari, mother of son admitted to NYU, first-choice school

I would be nowhere with out this guy! Justin wasn’t afraid to call me on my bad habits and went the extra mile to help me break through. Daniel, SAT score jump 700 points, admitted to Boston College, 1st choice school

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