Test Prep


When it comes to test prep and college dreams, I know what works. I’ve helped hundreds of students improve dramatically on the SAT, ACT, AP exams, and the Eng Lit and French SAT II, and enjoy 30-50% score jumps.

Every student has a unique set of skills and challenges with tests like the SAT. I have tutored top NYC students from schools such as Dalton, Brearley, and Calhoun, working closely in their homes. I’m also a former classroom SAT teacher in underprivileged high schools in four of five boroughs. A tailored, individual strategy is what is most important, which is very difficult to achieve with a test prep book on your own, or in a classroom where all levels and learning styles are mixed.

Taking the NEW SAT? I am already preparing several students for the the March, May  and June exams. I’ve taken practice tests myself and know what you can do to be best prepared. There are substantial differences that my guidance can most definitely help you navigate.

I also have experience preparing middle school students for private school entrance exams like the SHSAT, ISEE and COOP exams. I have successfully supported students to score in the 90th percentile. The approach to test prep for middle schoolers is not the same as for high school juniors and seniors. I have seen great results from my work with younger students.

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