College Admissions Consulting

The college admissions process can be overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to be. I have successfully helped many students discover what is outstanding and unique about them so they can get into a great college for them: Yale, NYU and Vanderbilt to name some recent admits for happy customers.

I take you through the entire admissions process from making the first list to fielding acceptances. We partner with, one of the most exhaustive and complete college search aids in the country where the editor is none other than my mother, a college admissions expert! Already have your list and just need an outside, knowledgeable eye on your essay and supplements? I give applications a once-over consultation as well.

At College Prep 360 where I recently worked, I sat down with students of all kinds to help them craft essays that stand out from the pack. College essays have a very specific job and a very specific audience – don’t expect what you learned in English class to be enough. These essays need to show your maturity, your drive to learn, what stands out most to others about you, and most of all, your true personality. For competitive schools, having some expert help can make all the difference.

I’m a professional writer myself: my essays are published in magazines and newspapers (with a forthcoming piece in the New York Times!) I have taught writing in high schools, Yale, Wesleyan and even the Sorbonne in France. My essay writing courses in Paris were sold out for three years! I believe everyone can craft their story and insights into a vivid, persuasive essay that sizzles. I started writing as a playwright and draw on my skills writing for live audience to grab the reader’s attention and connect. What do you have to say that grabs admissions deans’ attention and makes them want to meet you?

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